Digital Art

NOUN - informal 
1.A - sudden, usually temporary malfunction or fault of equipment.
1.B - An unexpected setback.
This was the first ever glitched image that I made in 1999. Taken with a broken, low end digital camera, which could only manage pictures at a maximum 640 x 480 resolution. I dropped the camera into a bucket of soapy water.
The CCD of the camera had been damaged irreparably, but before completely dying, it was able to capture this image. The chip had managed to capture light and dark but was unable to differentiate colour, leaving this silver ghostly image.
Since that moment, I have been interested in GLITCH ART.
While I had not done anything artistic for many years, my discovery of the Glitch and Vaporwave communities within the internet art world gave me the inspiration and confidence to push on and try some new things. As you can see above, the results are varied but it helped me to find my own style.
The picture above is one of my own interpretations of Vaporwave art.
Vaporwave observes what is known as New Aesthetic, which has been headed by the last generation of the 20th and first of the 21st centuries, combining retro graphics with nuances of both ancient & future civilisations.
Many examples of Vaporwave are almost satirist in nature, using slick 1980s style computer graphics alongside newer but dated looking graphics such as the Windows 95 logo. These are often accompanied with a pensive looking statue of a Greek god or philosopher gazing out at the viewer.
An almost essential element of this style is the presence of neon pastel shades of blue-green and pink.
I find Vaporwave to be basic in nature, but it can be compelling and nice to look at.
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